2018 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: What Can Ryan Howard Teach Us About Aaron Judge

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  • Let's talk about a player who in his first full season as a major-leaguer took the league by storm.

    Despite a minor-league track record that was more good than great, he stepped onto the field and was absolutely dominant, putting together an MVP-caliber season with league-leading home run and run-production numbers, and a healthy average despite some strikeout concerns. He managed that feat thanks to being a historical outlier in batted-ball data, a sign that this massive rookie season wasn't just some fluke.

    If you read the headline, you know I'm probably talking about Ryan Howard. Or Aaron Judge. Both, really.

    Howard wasn't a rookie in his breakout season, but played just 88 games the previous season, so 2006 was his first real chance to show what he could do for a full season as a 26-year-old. Judge was a year younger in 2017, and didn't have quite as much experience as Howard, though his breakout season was also even more of an outlier based on his minor-league and major-league track record to date.