Coinseed ICO (Invest Your Spare Change In Cryptocurrency)

Coinseed automatically allows you to collect your spare change and invest it in your portfolio of cryptocurrencies. Coinseed makes things easier for everyone to start investing in cryptocurrencies. Coinseed user converts their current portfolio to another portfolio, there is a 1% fee on the total asset that is being converted. Coinseed will distribute 50% of this revenue to the CSD token holders every month. Just start with your spare change. Coinseed is low risk and low commitment platform.

Coinseed Portfolio Management:

Create your own unique portfolio from the best cryptocurrencies. Coinseed users’ portfolios with their returns are ranked on the platform so that any user can learn from the best by replicating their portfolios with a click of a button. Simply connect your bank cards to start collecting your spare change to invest in a portfolio of cryptocurrencies. Or set a daily recurring deposit. You can invest as little as $5 and learn from coinseed community to see how others are doing it. You can convert your assets by adjust your portfolio and convert your assets to the best performing portfolios. Coinseed platform has been officially launched as a mobile application on iOS and Android on November 21, 2017. Within the first 12 days of the launch, we have acquired over 2,000 registered users and 1,000 paying users without any paid marketing. This shows the strong interest of users.

Coinseed platform has two main features:

1: Passive investing by keeping your portfolio.

2: Active investing by changing your portfolio whenever you want to Note that these two features are not exclusive to each other, meaning that a user can either keep the current portfolio or change the existing portfolio to another one.

Coinseed encourages users to make portfolio conversions by ranking all portfolios created by users and their return percentages on the platform. This way users can learn from each other by looking at other people’s portfolios to get inspired or to simply replicate those portfolios. For example: let’s say our pseudo-user Zach started off with his $10 portfolio of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. However, he discovered that another user’s portfolio of Dash, Ripple and Monero performed much better than his own. Zach decides to use this new portfolio with just a click of a button. In this process, Coinseed collects 1% of the $10 which translates into 10 cents.

Token Sale: Pre-Sale Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Start Date: December 20,2017 End Date: January 10,2018 1.5 Million CSDs (15% of total CSD tokens) The participants in the pre-sale ICO will receive following bonus CSD tokens. For example, if you purchase 100 CSD tokens within the first 5 hours of the ICO, you will receive additional 35 CSD tokens as a bonus. The same principle applies for the remaining hours and days of the pre-sale ICO with the bonus structure stated above. You can participate in the pre-sale of coinseed Initial Coin Offering or ICO (this term is interchangeable with Initial Token Offering) using the following cryptocurrencies:

1: Ethereum 2: Bitcoin 3: Litecoin 4: Dash

Initial ICO — March 20 — April 20 3.5 Million CSDs (35% of total CSD tokens) Minimum Purchase 0.1 ETH The Number of CSD Tokens to be Sold: 1,500,000 CSD The Percentage of Total CSD Tokens: 15% (there are a total of 10,000,000 CSD Tokens).

Token Implementation Of Coinseed:

The CSD token will be implemented as an ERC20-compatible token over the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum was the natural choice for this project due to its broad adoption and industry-standard for issuing custom digital assets. The compatibility with the ERC20 standard 8 leverages upon the existing infrastructure advantages of the Ethereum ecosystem, namely in terms of development tools, wallets, exchanges and human resource experts. The ability to program smart contracts with a Turing-complete language allows for robust foundation and flexible customization of the cryptocurrency to the CSD domain-specific requirements. For more information on ERC20, please visit

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Coinseed ICO (Invest Your Spare Change In Cryptocurrency)
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